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01. Rosy Posy

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02. Florist Soap

From $9.00

03. Anise

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04. Gardener’s Soap

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05. Sunny

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06. Seaside

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07. Backwoods

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08. Blossom

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Bath Bevies

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Bath Truffles

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Bee Soaps

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Cedarwood Soap Dish with Silk Ribbon Tie

From $8.00

Handmade Ceramic Soap Dishes

From $27.50

Knotted Rose Loofah

From $13.00

Organic Room Mists

From $16.50

Petite Bloom Soaps

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Soap End Bundles

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The Essentials

From $10.00

Virtual Bouquet Design Module

From $250.00

Waffle Weave Facial Cloths

From $7.50