Cedarwood Soap Dish with Silk Ribbon Tie


Our wooden soap dishes are handmade by a woodworker in North Carolina using seasoned Western red cedar wood. The unique design of the dish allows excess water to run off of your soap bar, drying it more quickly between uses and resulting in longer-lasting soap. Soap dishes vary in color due to the natural materials used. Each dish is 3 ½ by 3 inches, perfect for our square soap bars. For added gift-giving measure we offer a Kraft gift box option to perfectly enclose your soap and dish bundle! 

Please note we do our best to pair your wooden soap dish with a silk ribbon color that best compliments the soaps you've purchased.


About The Product

Shipping & Purchase Minimums

Please note: we have a $25 minimum for any soap orders placed online. For answers to frequently asked questions, including wholesale and custom orders, please click here.