16. Soap End Bundles


Soap end bundles are mini stacks of thin soap slices, offering a variety of scents and colors in one pretty package. Standing firm in our belief that nothing in our studio should be wasted, we offer our soap end bundles especially for those who can't quite pick a favorite scent. Some ends are great for your gym bag, weekender tote, or anytime you need soap but cannot justify a full-weight pristine bar!

Because soap end bundles are made with the pieces from the ends of our loaves, they have more imperfections and quirks than our full bars and do not come with labels. Each soap end bundle purchase includes five thin slices of soaps packaged in a kraft bag.


    About The Product


    Shea butter, coconut oil, refined olive oil, sweet almond oil, sodium hydroxide, distilled water, various essential oils and natural colorants (may contain dried botanicals, seeds, or salts)

    Shipping & Purchase Minimums

    Please note: we have a $25 minimum for any soap orders placed online. For answers to frequently asked questions, including wholesale and custom orders, please click here.