04. Jardin


For anyone craving an aromatic washing experience or looking for a little relaxation in their washing routine, Jardin is the perfect bar. Eucalyptus essential oil blends together with lavender to create a soothing combination in this gorgeous soap colored naturally with an alkanet root infusion.

Ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil, refined olive oil, sweet almond oil, sodium hydroxide, distilled water, alkanet root powder, eucalyptus EO, lavender EO


An unmatched industry resource

"I naturally but unintentionally discovered that floral design is a happy place for me. As a creative at heart, I often dive into design projects with no blueprint and minimal guidance. Which most often I am fond of as I thrive off of being a designer with an aesthetic that is not a one size fits all.

However, as my business grows, my clientele continues to diversify and with a set of personal goals, I often desire sound defining principles of floral mechanics and processes. The Floral Design Resource by Rhiannon provides just that. It is the most fitting tool to learn and reaffirm floral skillsets. Offering detailed guided techniques, I found the resource to be a tool valuable for a novice and one interested in sharpening their technique. Because of the step by step approach, tips included and content that extends beyond the bouquet design process, the magazine is packed with principles of design that are necessary for an evolving designer and business. This resource is comprehensive and thorough, not just fluff. From a seamless video tutorial that is not complicated to follow, a floral recipe, pricing structure, and the start to finish educational design guidance, this is an unmatched industry resource by a uniquely talented industry expert. And the icing on the cake — the imagery throughout and resource design are timelessly beautiful."

Brittany N. Rogers
Dressed in Details

It is truly because of Rhi that I am where I am

"Rhi’s bouquet resource is not only beautifully captured and thoughtfully curated; it is also so generously priced that anyone who truly wanted to learn about floral design would be able to make the investment in their career. I only wish something like this was accessible when I was starting out six years ago.

It is truly because of Rhi that I am where I am at today. At the time I was learning, the only way to really get the inside scoop of bouquet design was to attend a workshop that required thousands of dollars. I chose to invest in myself, but it required a lot of monetary sacrifice. It wasn’t easy and I know not everyone has the means to do that. Rhi’s knowledge of the wedding industry and quality flowers plus her experience in floral design is second to none. Anyone can be a florist, but not everyone can be successful. I have personally educated myself through one on one courses with Rhi and I know this course will give many aspiring and experienced florists the tools they need to do both."

Haleigh Kenney
XO by Haleigh Kenney