03. Flourish


Made with a delicate mixture of rose clay and hibiscus flower powder to get a soft, speckled pink hue, Flourish is one of our most feminine soap bars. The scent is quite unique thanks to a blend of lavender, orange, cedarwood atlas, and anise essential oils making it the perfect soap bar choice for anyone looking for a little something different. A monochromatic pink and red blend of botanicals and seeds sits delicately atop each bar.

Please note that not every soap bar is topped identically to what is shown in the photos. While we do our best to make every bar equally as beautiful sometimes our petal toppings get cut or crushed in the cutting, wrapping, and shipping process.

ALLERGEN NOTE: Hibiscus flowers are often cross-harvested with peanuts and while rare it is possible that peanut shell fragments can be found within the powder. Since our soaps are made with sweet almond oil and this alone likely eliminates those with nut allergies from our customer base we do feel it's worth noting this additional small risk for anyone with a peanut allergy.


About The Product


shea butter, coconut oil, refined olive oil, sweet almond oil, sodium hydroxide, distilled water, pink clay, hibiscus flower powder, essential oils of orange, cedarwood atlas, anise, and lavender, dried botanicals, seeds, and salts

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