04. Fleur


The most herbaceous soap bar in RB Soap Co.'s summer collection, Fleur features a bevy of aromatic essential oils. From ho wood and rosemary to petitgrain and lemon, this bar boasts an exceptionally robust scent profile. Earthy green and two-toned in appearance with a selection of dried botanicals, salts, and seeds atop each bar, Fleur is perfect for anyone desiring a soap selection that leans more masculine in both aroma and appearance.

Please note that not every soap bar is topped identically to what is shown in the photos. While we do our best to make every bar equally as beautiful sometimes our petal toppings get cut or crushed in the cutting, wrapping, and shipping process.


About The Product


Saponified oils of olive, sweet almond, and coconut with shea butter, sea clay, and essential oils of ho wood, rosemary, petitgrain, lemon, and bergamot. Contains dried botanicals, seeds, and salts.

Shipping & Purchase Minimums

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